Love & Roses

Prompt: Write a romance using two words.

There was something endearing to the pink hue of the sunset that loomed beneath the mountain. Below the cliff where I stood, I could see the contours of firs that shimmered in the golden light. Most people simply called these trees “Christmas Trees”, even though firs had existed for far longer than Christmas.

I shook my hair. It was wet from a Monday’s rain. We had been hiking for hours, through the morning dew and the afternoon showers! It was me, my friend Jeanine, her brother Leo and of course, his best buddy, Xavier. The man with blue eyes that could shatter your heart. I don’t even know if we could call that blue anymore. Whenever he smiled, his irises would turn silver, and I could see the flickers of something mysterious.

I have to admit: I have had feelings for Xavier ever since Jeanine introduced me to Leo, who had a friend who could get us weed in Rosenheim.

At first, I had imagined a shady man with shaved blond hair and an Eastern-European nose, wearing something like a long black trench coat. Oh, how wrong I had been! The Eastern-European nose was there, but I was completely wrong about the trench coat. Xavier fancied the leather jackets and his rock’n’roll black hair. He always said he was from the movie Grease. I think he actually believed he was John Travolta’s reincarnation, even though the latter was still alive.

Xavier walked up to me and pulled me out of my unending thoughts of his combed hair. I turned to him and searched behind him. I noticed he held something in his hands behind his back but didn’t linger on it further.

“Where are Jeanine and Leo?” I asked, unsure of where the two siblings had gone.

“They went to the car,” he answered with the husky voice of Saturday Night’s fever. “How long do you want to stay and watch the sunset?”

Until you kiss me, I thought. It was about time, though. After two weeks in Germany on a mountain trek adventure and two weeks of suggestive smiles and hide and seek with our eyes, it was damned right about time!

“I guess we could stay until the sun disappears,” I suggested. My voice was trembling. I expected him to drag me back to Jeanine’s Tesla.

He smiled instead. “Then I have something for you.” He brought his hidden hand in front of me and handed me a tiny flower, the fuschia-coloured sprout of an Alpenrose. “You always said you loved mountain flowers.”

I gasped. I didn’t know how to react, so I mechanically took the tiny rose in my hand. Of course, I loved mountain flowers! But… how did he know? I asked him that exact question, curious to hear where he had acquired this intel.

“Your paintings,” he told me. “You always paint flowers from the Alpes. You say they remind you of your grandfather.”

I didn’t know how to go on, so I made a face. “This is starting to sound creepy.” I chuckled awkwardly.

The sparkles in his eyes followed my laughter. They seemed to search for something in my gaze, as though he wanted to tell me something but was uncertain how to. So instead of talking, he came closer to me and took my hand, the one that held the flower. He held it until the sun sank to sleep, and Jeanine summoned us back to Elon Musk’s carriage.

Words: sunset, rose

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