Excerpt From Fairytales

A story filled with adventure, challenges, and twists and turns …

We are glad to share with you an excerpt from Ella J. Stefani‘s upcoming debut Fairytales, a YA Fantasy novel set in an exquisitely crafted world where everything is possible.

With her unique pink hair and jolly attitude, Neyafõrr the fairy princess is believed to be destined for great wings. Fairy wings are intertwined with their bearer’s destiny. Now, it is Neyafõrr’s time to face hers, to experience life from a whole new perspective, filled with mysteries and adventure.

It was this time of the year when the night began to set in earlier without losing the touch of warmth in the air. The leaves still had their colour, and the woods were soaked from the late summer rain of the day. It has been a good but exhausting day, foraging for resin and crafting jewellery with her mother. Now, Neyafõrr was looking forward to relaxing in her favourite clearing.

She loved the woods at night. The feeling of calm slowly descending while the last light of day touched the crowns of the trees around her. These enormous trees that she had known since birth and that gave her the idea of home. After all, the magnificent willow out there was her castle.

For now, the path led Neyafõrr away from the cosy depth of the willow. Little green firefly lights accompanied the last meters of her stroll. She slowed down her pace, and with a quick flick of her finger started to walk slightly above the ground. The soundless tiptoeing felt like walking on little marshmallow clouds. The fireflies began to fly around her head so close she could hear the teeny wings clapping. The moment she arrived at the clearing, she stopped, which made her feet touch the ground again. While feeling the slightly wet grass below her feet, she held up her hand and stood perfectly still. Within a minute, one of the insects landed on her palm. She could feel the feet tingling her skin while it crawled around. Another firefly circled the first, they took off together, and their lights flickered off shortly after.

Neyafõrr went to sit on the soft grass in the middle of the clearing. Crossing her feet and leaning on her hands behind her back, she gazed up at the stars. They were wonderfully bright that night, illuminating the night sky with their tireless sparkling. The soft heat steaming from her hands, making her silk dress wave, kept her just comfortable enough to stay entranced while the night got colder. Just as she was examining a cluster of the tiny dots, a falling star caught her eye. Following it with her hazel eyes, she thought about how lucky she was.

I wish that nothing ever changes and I will stay the fairy princess of the willow tree castle forever!

Excerpted from Fairytales, copyright © 2021 by Ella J. Stefani.

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