Griffin in the Spring

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Griffin in the Spring is a sweet children’s book about a griffin who explores his surroundings and joins other birds in the sky, until the rain leads him back home. It is a simple yet cute story written in rhythmic rhymes that could almost be sung, with cute artwork children will love.

Melissa Marie has created a children’s picture book with little words except for beautifully crafted rhymes. Although the first few pages felt a little repetitive, with little variation in the illustrations, the author does a good job at telling a tender story. 

The lack of variation, though, might lower a child’s enjoyment. The story starts sweet and tender, but it lacks a certain excitement, ups and downs, and an objective a child can root for. Some of the first two verses also seem awkwardly formatted, as if the first part should not have ended where it did.

The beginning was about the griffin in grass fields, and only a few shots of him actually taking flight were shown. The artwork is definitely pretty and cute, but there is little to be explored by a child. The first half of the book has roughly the same picture and the griffin does not really change expression. There isn’t really any other fun detail that could catch a child’s attention, should they lose interest in the story. Perhaps it would be interesting to show more (weather) variations to truly enjoy this story and the illustrator’s artistic work, and really feel for the griffin in this children’s book. 

I give Griffin in the Spring 3 out of 5 stars, for beautiful and endearing artwork with sweet lullaby-like rhymes. This is a great gift for a young toddler. 

About the author

Melissa Maire Keeping is an author, visionary and educator based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Melissa has been writing for as long as she can remember and has created dozens of works of fiction.

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