The Undoubtedly True Narrative of the Yetiman

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Undoubtedly True Narrative of the Yetiman is a novel that follows a quirky comic book store owner named Ross on the quest to discover the truth about the world, starting with finding out if yetis are real.

This novel draws strong inspirations from Edgar Allan Poe and Mat Johnson’s works, and Brandon Everett artfully mixes reality with fiction, which convinces you at times that the anecdotes mentioned of supernatural happenings are real accounts. The author did a great job incorporating urban legends and facts of our own world to make it relatable.

The weakness of this novel lies at the climax, where all clues left behind should join at this pinnacle moment and explode. This didn’t happen for me. The start was casual and fun, getting to know Ross and his best friend Barney, their good and bad sides, and the intrigue was definitely there. The MC himself can sometimes be a bit of an inconsistent douche, but hey, that makes him human. Barney was my personal favourite character, being a pastor that has to deal with his best friend’s unending imagination. Moving on, I feel that, unfortunately, many scenes didn’t really add much to the story. There was a lot of rambling on here and there, sometimes right at the middle of the action, which removed all interest for me in what was happening. Despite the author’s talent at writing beautiful prose, I did have some trouble finishing the novel. Some moments left me with unanswered questions, and I felt I missed something along the way to truly appreciate the ending.

Nevertheless, The Undoubtedly True Narrative of the Yetiman has funny, sad, scary, exciting moments that are remarkably written. There is a consistent message across the novel that is perfect for those who love an insightful journey through the search for truth. I give this story 4 out of 5 stars.

About the author

Brandon Everett is a fiction and non-fiction writer.  He graduated with a master’s in English from California State University East Bay and has worked with various college-level student services, while also seeking opportunities to teach between his various writing projects. He currently serves as an educational writing consultant at Pearson Inc., while reading and writing as much as possible.

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