Prompted Stories

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Prompted Stories is a collection of captivating short stories written by Danielle Buckroyd on the basis of writing prompts. The author goes as creative as can be with those prompts, taking us through clever mysteries, intricate romance subplots, and even a little Sci-Fi. 

The stories are nice, short, and very well-written. The author definitely has talent, and this can be noticed in her writing. Some of the most engaging stories I found were Just Passing, Sender Unknown, and The Perfect House, where her writing really shines. Despite occasional typos and grammar blips, the author still managed to keep me reading, though the stories themselves could benefit from a round of proofreading. 

The author has a clear style, and I hope she pursues her writing career and publishes a full book one day. I felt like some of these stories lacked a little something. These left me confused as to what the message had exactly been. They make up an easy read with some interesting situations and twists, but I wish there was more.

I give Prompted Stories 3 out of 5 stars, for captivating and creative writing. To be honest, I hesitated a long time between 3 and 4, so if common rating systems would allow it, I would rate this collection 3.5 out of 5. The stories were woven well, but some did miss a little something. The author could definitely base a book on some of these prompts.

About the author

Danielle Buckroyd is a young author, born in England in 1996, she started writing when she was seven years old. She has been writing ever since and continues to gain knowledge in any area she can. She is also an avid gamer, student, mother, and wife.

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