Winds of Destruction

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Last Airbender meets Game of Thrones in this gripping adventure where elements clash. Winds of Destruction is an epic fantasy story that follows an unexpectedly powerful young girl and a defeated former lord who get sucked into action to fight for freedom.

This action-packed tale is interesting and establishes a good basis for books to come. Karen Lykkebo has created a unique and intricate world full of mysteries. However, the book itself started in a way that left me wondering if I was perhaps reading the second book of a series.

More succinct explanation of certain concepts, words, and goals would have provided me with more material to truly enjoy and follow this story. Things got clearer overtime, but I still felt like I was guessing rather than knowing what was actually going on. This was truly a pity, because the way Lykkebo crafted her characters made them so interesting that I wanted to know more about them and understand their past as well as their present.

Furthermore, although the book is rather long, I felt rushed through certain points of the story, especially in personal relationships. Emotions were told and not relayed to the reader. It made it hard to truly feel what the characters felt.

Nevertheless, the story was capturing and fast-paced enough to overlook some of the technical issues. I give Winds of Destruction 3 out of 5 stars. It has a captivating story and lovable characters that will be a fun adventure for every fantasy lover but can leave the reader confused at times.

About the author

Karen Lykkebo grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, and after a few years studying in California, she moved to Sweden where she now lives in Stockholm with her partner. Karen has an academic background as a marine biologist, but mostly she just likes to write stories. Outside writing, she spends a lot of time crocheting and likes to be inspired on long hikes in nature.

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