Creative Challenges

Meant to Be

Challenge: Fictive biography with at least five clichés I looked at myself in the mirror on this Monday morning – something I thought I, to that day, could not do without shooing my freckles away. Not because they looked particularly ugly, no, they were the constellations that defined me! But just because I wasn’t theContinue reading “Meant to Be”


Genre: Dystopian Fiction It was dark. Too dark. I should have been inside by now. But I just had to go talk to Paul. Nothing seemed right anymore, and he was the only one I could trust. At least I thought that until tonight. I could hear nothing around me, a bad sign. If evenContinue reading “Them”

Tokyo Blood

Genre: Horror It was a dark alley where nobody walked. Yuki slid into the looming darkness as she held her purse tight, afraid, trembling from the shivers of the night. Her long black hair tied behind her shoulders, she wore her favourite heels and the tight skirt her boss Hime-sama forced her to wear onContinue reading “Tokyo Blood”


Challenge: Man-hating chick-lit ELISABETH (31, TALL, BLOND, ALL AMERICAN BEAUTY) AND MARIA (33, SMALL, BROWN DEER EYES) SIT ON A PARK BENCH, HOLDING STARBUCKS CUPS. Maria: So he just left? Elisabeth: He didn’t even have the balls to collect his stuff. Maria: Well, sweety, seeing you mad scares all of us. Elisabeth: At least womenContinue reading “Benchtalk”

I Can’t Be a Mom

Genre: Pregnancy Soap I can’t be a mother. I tried. I tried to tell myself I was fit. But I can’t lie to myself. I can’t be a mother. My name is Elise. I’m not your typical girl who dreams of marrying the good boy next door and having a family. I’m the girl whoContinue reading “I Can’t Be a Mom”


Genre: Sci-Fi Journal of Neuroscience and Computing A proof of concept for wireless mind-to-mind data transmission. 14.05.2022 Abstract The socio-economic situation, as well as the worldwide connectivity of every single person, gave rise to a need for faster and better communication. In this paper, state-of-the-art brain imaging and nano-implants are utilized to review the concept ofContinue reading “MindSurfer®”

Sunset Mountain

Genre: Romance There was something endearing to the pink hue of the sunset that loomed beneath the mountain. Below the cliff where I stood, I could see the contours of firs that shimmered in the golden light. Most people simply called these trees “Christmas Trees”, even though firs had existed for far longer than Christmas. IContinue reading “Sunset Mountain”

October Rain

Genre: Serial Murder Thriller This fucking rain again. New York in October was just downright ugly. The gutters foul stench stung her nose while the water pouring out of the sky smashed against her glasses. She should have stayed inside. But no, she had to decide to go get that Merlot and some Ben & Jerry’s.Continue reading “October Rain”


Do you want to read some cliché romance too sweet to swallow?
Well, neither do we.
Join us in a turbulent ride up and down every challenge mountain we can invent for each other.
Will it be fun? – We don’t know!
Will it be worth it? – We promise nothing!
But nothing ever happens without trying.

A series of very short stories written by our authors for fun challenges, ranging from writing in a genre within specific boundaries to very serious screenplays.

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