Valena D’Angelis


Valena is a computer scientist from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but programming is not her only passion. She started writing short stories at a young age, first in French, then she quickly switched to English in her teenage years. Her dream has always been to publish an epic fantasy novel, so she kicked off with Kingdom Ascent, the first book of the Tempest of Bravoure series. By doing so, she fulfils the promise she made to her child-self. As an avid gamer, Dungeons and Dragons player, Star Trek/Wars/gate fan, and metalhead, she has had all the sources she needed to invent alternate realms that derive from all we know about life, the universe, and everything.


Tempest of Bravoure: Kingdom Ascent

A failed prophecy. A conquered kingdom and a resistance fighting against the odds. Will the return of a lost mage change the fate of Bravoure?

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