Tempest of Bravoure: Castaway

Tempest of Bravoure #2
Valena D’Angelis

Courage and love. Fear and blame. A journey beyond the edge of the world where everyone’s heart will be tested. Can our heroes find a way home?

We had no choice but to save ourselves.

Two years after Sharr’s downfall, Ahna sets out on a quest to find the ghosts of her past. After decades believing in the magi’s death at the hands of her ruthless brother, she has found tangible evidence of their survival.
But this realization strikes her like a knife to the heart.
Not only may the magi be alive, but so may her husband, the man she was forced to mourn fifty years ago.
Ahna rushes to a different world with Jules, the veteran spy of the Resistance, and Farooq, a young farmer, a mage who never expected to be one. Together, they will venture down an unexplored realm of danger and uncanny creatures, because what creeps in this faraway world is nothing like they have ever seen.

The Tempest of Bravoure Series
Book 1: Kingdom Ascent
Book 2: Castaway
Book 3: City of the Dead*

On sale: 01/26/2021
ISBN-13: 979-8584897345

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About the Series

Tempest of Bravoure is a series set in D’Angelis’s Epic Fantasy world, Terra. The first book, Kingdom Ascent, follows Ahna’s first journey through forgiveness and acceptance. Ahna returns to Bravoure after decades in hiding to join the Resistance that has fought the Dark Lord’s oppression for half a century. In this story, Ahna learns to accept her demons through love and compassion, and the Resistance strives to beat the odds and free the kingdom of Bravoure. Castaway is the second book and picks up on Ahna’s journey two years later.

Words from the author

“It’s not everyday that we get to the moon, especially not in Epic Fantasy.”

Valena D’Angelis is both a Star Wars and D&D fan, and this can definitely be noticed in her writing. She is one of those authors who spends too much time worldbuilding and rolling epic battles in her head. Read more