Tempest of Bravoure: City of the Dead

Tempest of Bravoure #3
Valena D’Angelis

A looming threat. A civil war. Heroes scattered across time, reunited. What will it take to save Bravoure? Who deserves redemption?

There will be a reckoning

Our heroes find themselves at the dawn of war. Ahna struggles to survive in a new Bravoure where dark elves are banned. Jules leads an uprising against an all-too-familiar evil. Luthan undertakes a desperate mission to save the world, facing his past in the process. The Bravan Army is about to declare war against an empire they cannot possibly match, while the threat of the undead tide is rising. Bravoure has lost her might, and someone must act. The answer may lie at the edge of Fallvale…or in the depths of the Dwellunder.

The Tempest of Bravoure Series
Book 1: Kingdom Ascent
Book 2: Castaway
Book 3: City of the Dead

On sale: 01/09/2021

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About the Series

Tempest of Bravoure is D’Angelis’s debut in the Epic Fantasy genre. Through the first two books, Ahna learns to accept herself, forgive others, finds the ghosts of her past and makes peace with them. Now, she is needed in a New Bravoure that has lost all sense of righteousness. Meet old and new heroes as they unite to, once again, restore peace to the land.

Words from the author

“It was hard saying goodbye.

Valena D’Angelis is both a Star Wars and D&D fan, and this can definitely be noticed in her writing. After this series, she’ll move on to another world, maybe something in space. Read more