Tempest of Bravoure: Kingdom Ascent

Tempest of Bravoure #1
Valena D’Angelis

A failed prophecy. A conquered kingdom and a Resistance fighting against the odds. Will the return of a runaway mage change the fate of Bravoure? Can our heroes unite or will secrets tear everything apart?

We live brave. We die free.

Darkness has fallen upon the golden kingdom of Bravoure. Once the beacon of an alliance uniting four races, Bravoure is now under the oppression of an elven prince from beneath the surface. Not even the prophecy, the one that foretold his demise in the holy fires of the Dragonborn, was able to stop him.
Ahna, a runaway mage, rises above the decades of grief and returns to the fight, where she joins the united soldiers of the Resistance. Despite her origins, she is accepted by these brave heroes who will never let their differences stand in the way of freedom.
She and the rebels embark on a covert mission to save the kingdom, but the past and the secrets she keeps will soon come knocking, and Ahna will face her demons as she faces the false king.

The Tempest of Bravoure Series
Book 1: Kingdom Ascent
Book 2: Castaway
Book 3: City of the Dead

On sale: 08/23/2020
ISBN-13: 979-8656618373

Silver Award winner of the Literary Titan Book Awards February 2021

Praise for Kingdom Ascent

“An emotionally charged adventure that sword and sorcery fans will devour. It seems like we’re only scratching the surface of some deeper lore.” — Literary Titan

“Unleashing deep, rich storylines, enjoyable character interactions, and compelling surprises upon her readers, D’Angelis is a storytelling force to watch out for.” — Michael DeAngelo, Tellest author 

“The resistance movement we as the reader join is build on equality and is group that bands together irregardless of ones origins, religion, gender or race. The diversity is certainly noticeable but not forced. It’s noticeable because queer characters aren’t presented as sinful and their queerness isn’t used to advance the plot, they just are. Just as female warriors are just regular occurrence throughout the book and not the exception that proves the rule.” — Goodreads reviewer

“I really enjoyed D’Angelis’ fresh take on things (having an elf as the villain was fun, and he was a great badguy)! Ahna was a really good character too, packed with depth and secrets of her own. If you love your fantasy along the lines of Dragon Prince or Dragon Age, definitely come battle for freedom in Kingdom Ascent!” — Diabolic Shrimp

“I was overjoyed to see the maps at the beginning. Ahna is a bit of a complex character, but that’s what I like about her. And her growth throughout the story, made me feel so deeply for her. Such a fantastic story.” — J.A. Books

“Really likeable characters that I cared about. The story keeps wrong footing you. Definitely worth reading.” — Avalon Retail

“The story runs along at a cracking pace, with unexpected plot twists and reveals to keep you guessing. It has every ingredient you could want for in a classic fantasy saga, swords, sorcery, dragons and elves; combined with a diverse, inclusive community of rebels, that adds a slice of modern social commentary.” — Amazon customer

“A story about acceptance in an exquisitely crafted world. While it may seem rather similar to traditional fantasy tropes there’s always something different about it to fascinate the reader. I’ve never read a story about acceptance of all people in the realms banding to defeat a false king like Kingdom Ascent.” — NetGalley reviewer

“Who doesn’t love a book that’s not only immerses you into the world but also educates you and gives you something to think about.” — NetGalley reviewer

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About the Series

Tempest of Bravoure is a series set in D’Angelis’s Epic Fantasy world, Terra. The first book of the series follows Ahna’s first journey through forgiveness and acceptance. Ahna returns to Bravoure after decades in hiding to join the Resistance that has fought the Dark Lord’s oppression for half a century. In this story, Ahna learns to accept her demons through love and compassion, and the Resistance strives to beat the odds and free the kingdom of Bravoure.

Words from the author

“I wanted Star Wars and D&D bundled into one book.”

Valena D’Angelis might be into computers, but programming is not her only passion. She is one of those authors who spends too much time worldbuilding and rolling epic battles in her head. Read more