The fate of the kingdom hangs on one single thread.

An epic battle with heroes ready to die

The golden kingdom of Bravoure was once a mighty place of hope and unity. Now it is under the oppression of a deadly force. Prophecies couldn’t stop the dark elf Prince of Mal from ascending to power, but maybe the rebels can.

In the ashes of the fallen kingdom, a band of heroes united and formed the Resistance. Forty years later, they stand at the brink of changing the world. It is time to set things right and end the Dark Lord’s reign of terror.

Their names will be marked forever in the history of Bravoure. Captain Michael Buteo, Joshua Sand and his husband Erik Thawn, Commander Beatrix Orgna, and the Resistance spy Cedric Rover.

About the story

This short story is a prequel to Kingdom Ascent, the first book of the Tempest of Bravoure series. It recalls the events of the uprising mentioned in the book and introduces new heroes that were never forgotten. This story is set in Bravoure City, somewhere in 1354:AV, about eight years before the start of the series.

Words from the author

“I thought I’d tell the story of the Uprising from their perspective.”

Valena D’Angelis might be into computers, but programming is not her only passion. She is one of those authors who spends too much time worldbuilding and rolling epic battles in her head. Read more